Crab Fondue
With jumbo lump crabmeat and cheese bread (serves 2)
Fried Calamari
Tender baby squid, sliced and lightly dusted and deep fried to a golden brown, served with a side of delicate marinara sauce
Mussels in White Wine & Garlic
Fresh mussels sauteed with olive oil, garlic and white wine
Clams Casino
Fresh clams topped with chopped roasted peppers, bacon and butter garlic sauce baked to perfection
Steamed Shrimp
Mushroom Toast
Two slices toasted homemade bread topped with sauteed mushrooms in a creamy sauce
Nachos Supreme
Nachos topped with Tony's chili, cheddar cheese, black olives and jalapenos. Served with sour cream and salsa on the side
Mozzarella Caprese
Fresh sliced mozzarella with freshly sliced Italian plum tomatoes and fresh basil drizzled with olive oil
Tony's Bruschetta
Toasted house bread topped with marinated chopped Italian plum tomatoes, onions, garlic and fresh basil
Chicken Fingers with BBQ Sauce
Buffalo Wings
Your Choice: Plain, Barbecue, Hot, Barbecue-Hot. Served with celery and bleu cheese or ranch dressing
Mozzarella Sticks
Zucchini Sticks
Breaded Mushrooms
Breaded Cauliflower
Jalapeno Poppers
(Served With Ranch Dressing)


Garden Salad
Crisp Salad greens, purple onion, Italian plum tomatoes, cucumber, carrot, red cabbage, green olives topped with mozzarella cheese
Antipasto Salad
Our garden salad topped with cured Italian meat, cheeses and marinated vegetables
Caesar Salad
Fresh heart of romaine lettuce tossed with croutons, imported parmigiano cheese and traditional Caesar dressing
Greek Salad
Fresh heart of romaine lettuce, purple onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, pepperoncini and feta cheese
Extra Dressing
Add To Any Salad:
Grilled Chicken
Chicken Tenders
Grilled Shrimp
Turkey(2 Slices)
Anchovies(5 Pieces)

Your choice of dressing: Tony's Homemade, Vinaigrette, French, Bleu Cheese, Ranch, Pepper Parmigiano, Honey Mustard, Lite Italian, Thousand Island